The National Parks Service celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016, which allowed Humana, a long time partner, to celebrate with them. Through an extensive social and digital campaign, Humana showed the world how healthy and impactful a visit to the National Parks can really be. 


To help people experience the grandeur of the parks themselves, we started our campaign by pushing out a Facebook canvas ad. By tilting their mobile device, users could explore some of the more beautiful vistas using 360˚ video. Users were rewarded with health facts related to the location, providing more incentive to visit the parks in person.


Targeted posts encouraged our followers to explore local parks and traverse popular trails.


Using real-time data, we pulled together reports of the flora and fauna being seen in national parks right now. Targeted posts encouraged followers to visit their local national park today to see the plants, animals, and stars before they disappeared for the season.


Inspirational quotes about the national parks, coupled with imagery, encouraged our more poetic followers to find creative inspiration in the great outdoors.


Each park requires different equipment. To help our followers pack for the right trip, we sent targeted posts to our followers near popular parks with suggested starter kits.