As part of FCB Chicago's Culture & Inclusion team, we spend our spare time at the agency developing panels, events, and workshops to promote healthy dialogue surrounding equality in the workplace. Here are some of our favorite projects.


To raise money for FCB's non-profit partner, Off the Street Club, we collected recipes from employees across the agency—then wrote, designed, and illustrated a colorful cookbook to be sold to our friends and family. With such a diverse community, we received a staggering number of family recipes from a tremendous variety of cultures.


Working with the FCB's Chicago and Global leadership team, we helped promote an event about gender equality in advertising, which was attended by some Chicago all-stars, including Lizette Williams of Kimberly-Clark, Kelly Graves of FCB Chicago, and Susan Credle, FCB's global Chief Creative Officer.


To spark some interest for the event, we curated anonymous quotes from people around the agency and pushed them out on social media, demonstrating how close the gender problem hits to home.